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Henry Cole

When Esme meets Trudy at the county auction, she knows there's something really special about her. "She's quite a goat!" But she doesn't know how special, until she takes her home: Trudy can predict the weather. Esme's goat becomes a local superstar! "Heard you've got quite a goat!" But one day, Trudy disappears inside her barn and doesn't come back out. What's wrong with Trudy?


"Cole's tale is a gentle, simple account of childhood in years past. Children will be pleased by the happy ending with a surprise twist." —Children's Literature

"Cole's acrylic paintings are rounded and soft. They juxtapose muted, earth-toned colors of the environment with the bright, primary colors of man-made objects such as cars, clothing, and the red barn in which Trudy resides. The steady pace of the text combined with its loosely repetitive structure creates a calm, reassuring mood, making the book an excellent bedtime read. This warm story provides a subtle way for children to learn to appreciate animals as well as the cycle of seasons and life". —School Library Journal

"From the start, Cole infuses both his gentle tale and his detailed acrylic illustrations with the routines and responsibilities of taking care of an animal and the deepening care and concern that Esme shows for Trudy. The deceptively simple story gently nudges children to look at and appreciate animals as more than just barnyard fixtures." —Kirkus