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Bad Boys Get Cookie!

Margie Palatini

Those two bad boys -- Willy and Wally -- are still bad. Bad. Bad. Really, really bad. And now they have two big bad sweet tooths. When the baker's cookie runs off, these newly cloaked private eyes, "Willis and Wallace," see their chance to Get Cookie! But this is one smart cookie, and the pair may require a plan B. Can this terrible and terribly hungry duo satisfy their hankering before their new disguises land them in ill-fated trouble? Margie Palatini and Henry Cole reunite for a rollicking fairy-tale follow-up to their hilarious bad boys.


"those who enjoyed this dastardly duo in the previous title are sure to get a kick out of this entry, which will make for a rollicking read-aloud" —School Library Journal

"Never has a cookie been so annoying looking, and never did Hansel & Gretel observe with such longing the witch's derriere. Yes, they are bad. Bad. Really, really bad." —Kirkus