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Who Bop?

Jonathan London

Jazz-Bo and his cool crew are layin' down the most dazzlin' tunes, so grab your favorite partner, and your skippingest socks and get ready to swing! No one can put that spring in your step like this bunch, and all the hippest hoppers will be there. Come and see.... Author Biography: Jonathan London, who lives in Graton, California, prefers sandals to shoes, but he knows that nothing beats socks for dancing. When he's ready to put the extra slip in his slide, he kicks off his flip-flops and puts on some tube socks. When Jonathon isn't a sensation on the dance floor, he is a rage on the page with over forty books for children to his credit, including Froggy Gets Dressed, Hip Cat, Like Butter on Pancakes, and Puddles. He lives with his wife and two sons.


" will get a kick out of the verse and the humorous colored pencil pictures on colored papers by Cole. They add another dimension to the verse and bring this cool cat to new heights." —Childrens Literature