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Rosie's Roses

Pamela Duncan Edwards

As a present for Aunt Ruth's birthday, Rosie Raccoon is determined to offer four roses tied with a rainbow ribbon. As she and her big brother, Robert, ramble through the forest toward Aunt Ruth's house, Rosie's flowers mysteriously disappear, rose by rose. Is there a rose robber in the forest? In this lighthearted alliterative romp -- written especially for fans of the letter R -- Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole tell the story of a little raccoon who discovers that sharing with others brings its own rewards.


"Cole's watercolors have a cheery verve, and he embellishes his elegant portrayals of animal homes... As in previous books, Cole hides the featured letter in every picture, a tried-and-true diversion. Novices in letter recognition should find this a rollicking read." —Publishers Weekly

"The illustrations are bright and simple with just the right amount of detail." —Childrens Literature

"A sensitive little tale that teaches by clear example, kept on the light side with Cole's gladdening artwork." —Kirkus