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Clara Caterpillar

Pamela Duncan Edwards

Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole, the creators of Some Smug Slug and Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke, take on metamorphosis with Clara Caterpillar. "Grow up to be courageous and contented, Clara," calls a cream-colored butterfly to the egg she has laid on a cabbage leaf at the story's opening. After "crimson-colored Catisha" scorns Clara for her plain coloring, the heroine's camouflage saves the day.


"The double pages bring us up close to these charming characters and their plant environment so that we may admire their natural patterns. Their faces are out of Dr. Seuss, but their wings come from Mother Nature. Don't miss the stunning back endpapers, a real contrast to those in front." —Childrens Literature

"In close up color cartoons, Cole follows this courageous cabbage butterfly from egg case to chrysalis ("crushed," "creased," "crumpled," "cranky," and "cramped") then on to adulthood, never straying far from a "c." It's an alliterative adventure that may be set in a garden, but is anything but garden-variety." —Kirkus

"Children will enjoy the well-told story and Cole's large-scale, child-friendly artwork." —ALA Booklist