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Bad Boys

Margie Palatini

On the run from a kid in a red hooded cape and three small pigs, Willy and Wally, a couple of wolf brothers, decide to disguise themselves as sheep and hide out, as it were, in the middle of lunch--a flock of sheep. Dressed in woolly garb (and house dresses and purses, just like Trudie Ewe and Meryl Sheep), they conduct a very silly dialogue with the flock, who see through their flimsy disguise almost immediately.


"The ever-waggish Cole advances the plot with his own steady stream of visual humor, endowing the wolves in sheep's clothing with hilariously faux-innocent expressions and giving the sheep the body language of garden-party-goers." —Publishers Weekly

"Cole's jolly colored drawings keep the background simple so that the gestures and expression of the characters remain front and center." —Childrens Literature

"Cole's vibrant artwork captures the fun and adds to the humor. An outstanding read-aloud and a fine collaboration of text and art, this is a surefire hit for all who enjoy fairy-tale variations, fun puns, and a good laugh." —School Library Journal

"His idea of sheep's clothing including beads, high heels, and loose, brightly patterned housedresses, Cole depicts two decidedly doggy predators unsuccessfully trying to hide their delight at being among so many lambchops on the hoof, but last seen hurriedly knitting woolens to cover their peach-fuzz pelts." —Kirkus

"There's plenty for the target audience— especially in the cartoon-style artwork that gathers up every bit of the humor, capitalizing on the wolves in drag." —Booklist