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Santa's Stuck

Rhonda Gowler Greene

This playful picture book answers the age-old question: Just howdoes Santa shimmy up and down chimneys? Not very easily sometimes! When the rotund fellow with a sweet tooth overdoes it on the snacks, he gets stuck inside a chimney. The reindeer on the roof try pulling him out, to no avail. A dog, a cat, and some kittens try pushing from below, with no luck. It takes a tiny, ingenious mouse to come up with the way to POP! Santa out so that Christmas can go on. Good show—ho, ho, ho!


"Henry Cole brings plenty of humor with his illustrations, from Santa's big fat rear to the expressions on the faces of the dog, reindeer, cats, and our clever little mouse. Fun for all and a delightful holiday treat." —Childrens Literature

"...lively cartoon illustrations in bright, bold colors" —School Library Journal