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Ferocious Fluffity

A Mighty Bite-y Class Pet

Erica S. Perl

Mr. Drake’s second grade class has a new class pet. Fluffity appears to be a cute and docile hamster—but the kids soon discover that she is not the cuddly pet they expected. From the moment her cage door opens, Fluffity becomes FEROCIOUS—biting and chasing everyone down the hall and into the library! Will the class be able to tame this beast and bring peace back to their school? The bestselling team behind Chicken Butt! and Chicken Butt’s Back! has crafted another laugh-out-loud tale that’s sure to be a hit with any child who’s ever wanted a pet. Erica Perl’s pitch-perfect rhymes and Henry Cole’s over-the-top animal character make for the perfect classroom read-aloud.


A pet hamster comes to Room 2-D: So cute! So fluffy! So…toothy."Look—don't touch," warns Mr. Drake, the teacher (a bespectacled black man who manages to look both groovy and stodgy). "Though the children nodded yes, / Did they mean it? Take a guess." And no sooner is tiny, big-eyed Fluffity lifted out of her cage for a general pass-around than she suddenly displays impressively sharklike teeth. She proceeds to (bloodlessly) nip and harry the entire frantic class out of the room, into the hall, and down to the library. Not even the teacher is immune, for as soon as he catches up, "Quick as lightning, Fluffity / Opened wide… // …and bit his knee / (Hanging on tenaciously)." The discovery that Fluffity likes to fetch tossed pencils and other small items at last allows peace to be restored—at least until the arrival of the next classroom pet: Jake the (large) snake. Cue a final view of one panic-stricken rodent. Cole places the bitty biter into quarters that are much too confined, but in keeping with the rollicking rhyme, his cartoon students are comically popeyed as well as being diverse in hair and skin tone. Perl makes the lesson explicit: "Get to know your pet before / Opening her cage's door," and be sure to provide enough opportunities for exercise. Another crowd pleaser from the creators of Chicken Butt! —Kirkus Reviews